Glad you found my site. I am Ulrika Tuomainen from Finland, I graduated Masters of Arts at the University of Arts Helsinki ( Aalto University) at the department of fashion design  and later I studied to be a gardener too. I have worked all my life as a designer and editor in fashion, interior design and garden design. I also do energy healings and through that I also found an interest in stones and their energies.

The stone jewels from my own Uli Design collection was born when I got to know stones and their healing effects in a course in Bali. Before, I didn't know how powerful the effects of stones could be. As a designer and a craft enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the beauty of jewels. In Bali, I fell in love with the wonderful craftsmanship of the Balinese. As a result of many experiments, I found the right materials for my own jewels - authentic semi-precious stones and handmade silver decoration. Now in my jewels, the healing power of the stones is decorated with high-quality silver craftsmanship.

My latest collection is aimed at pets and their owners. I also want the pets to be able to enjoy the healing effects of the stones, and the owner can also wear a matching jewel bracelet or collar.

I hope that everyone who buys the Uli Design stone jewels I designed and made myself will get strength, love and energy from them.

Care instructions: Love your jewel, because by showing gratitude towards it, its power is strengthened. Clean your jewel occasionally, for example, under running water and "charge" it in the sun.