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KANNOT book. 17 x 17cm, 188 pages, 91 pictures. (in Finnish)

On one mushroom trip, I discovered the beauty, diversity and rich symbolism of the life cycle of strains. The pictures were taken in a few autumns on an island in Simpelejärvi and in the Hiittinen archipelago in the Baltic Sea. My father had previously written lyrics for my music projects. I was greatly impressed by his quick and perceptive text production. I first sent him twenty stock photos. My father immediately threw himself into the project, and the texts came from him quickly and intuitively. Here is the result of our collaboration.

Jeppe Tuomainen

Like many inspiring projects, Kantoja was born out of impulse. My son Jeppe said that he photographed tree stumps, which I feel are more distinct individuals than trees. I saw the first pictures and was inspired by them. We decided to take the issue further by attaching a short text to each shot. These texts arose from my first impression of each image, so they can be considered associations. On the other hand, why couldn't they be called poetry fragments. Over the decades, we have occasionally talked about a joint project, and Kannot finally seemed appropriate. The work of a photographer and a copywriter side by side. In addition, pictorial expression has always been close to me.

Jukka Tuomainen